LPG and Oil Repairs Spilsby

November 30, 2018

As you will now know, this year MJ Services Lincs have being servicing the Spilsby area as well as that of Skgeness. Offering the same wide range of services and the same speedy response times! One of the most frequent services we get called out to in the Spilisby location is that of LPG and Oil related […]

Oil Heating Skegness

August 1, 2018

People who are only accustom to mains gas services are often horrified at the though of a LPG or Oil heating alternative. However people who have no choice but to use these services and have done all there life, because of there geographical location think it is great! The truth is Oil heating is actually […]

LPG and Oil services Spilsby

July 20, 2018

It may not be the time to talk about heating….considering the sweltering weather! However now is a good time to talk about heating! It is a great time for any planned maintenance or servicing, because if there are any issues and downtime is required this is not as much of a problem! It is also […]

LPG Company Spilsby

July 14, 2018

Spilsby has a lot more homes on mains gas services in the East Lindsey district, than other villages and Towns in the area. However there are still many properties that are dependent on LPG and Oil. MJ Services Lincs are based in Skegness and are East Lindsey’s go to LPG and Oil specialists. Servicing the […]

LPG and Oil Servicing

April 5, 2018

It has been a very long and hard winter! Where many heating and LPG systems have been put to the test and probably used to their maximum capacity at times! We don’t want to tempt fate, however it seems spring is here and some more pleasant weather and temperatures. It now may be a good time to […]

LPG Company Skegness

April 2, 2018

As you are aware in the Skegness area LPG and Oil is a big part of everyone’s life, due to the lack of mains gas in certain areas. Maybe if you have just moved to the area you have not quite realised yet how important it is to make yourself familiar with a local company […]

LPG Repairs Skegness

March 14, 2018

This winter seems to have lasted forever and now they are reporting the Beast from the East 2.0! This year has seen boiler and other heating infrastructure put under a massive strain, we have been called out to repair a number of LPG related parts at domestic properties in the Skegness area. From frozen pipes […]

Christmas Countdown

December 1, 2017

Its December 1st, which means it is now officially the countdown to Christmas! We always find the lead up to Christmas in the Skegness area extremely busy, as the temperature drops the call outs rise! From broken down boilers to burst pipes we come across every type of problem this year and always find a […]

Gas Engineers Skegness

July 29, 2017

Although the majority of homes in the Skegness and East Lindsey area of  Lincolnshire are serviced by LPG / Oil, there are some homes that are lucky enough to be on traditional mains gas. This also applies to a lot more businesses in the area. MJ Services Lincs are known in the area as the […]

Oil Central Heating Skegness

July 27, 2017

Just about everyone in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire rely on Oil and LPG central heating. MJ Services Lincs offer the area a full range of heating services that cater for oil and LPG customers, we are the experts in the field! From installations to repairs and servicing, we are the one stop shop. […]